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"The Best Whitetail Outfitter in the Midwest" is probably the easiest way to describe Joel with Buffalo County Outfitters. From start to finish Joel creates an amazing hunting experience that you truly have to be a part of to understand. I was able to hunt on his Missouri property in 2022 where I passed up 18 bucks before finally taking my largest whitetail to date. This +160" deer will forever be on my list of amazing hunting experiences. I can't wait to be back in the tree stand with BCO this coming year and would recommend Joel to anyone looking for an amazing whitetail hunting experience.

Dayton Diemel

If you are looking for a quality bow hunt, you have come to the right place! Joel as well as his two guides, Marty and Lance, know what they are doing and care about setting you up for success. Stand location, lane trimming, wind direction, hunting pressure and trail camera data are all taken into consideration when directing you to a particular site. You are hunting primarily out of Millennium ladder stands that are secure and include safety lines and bow ropes. You are also hunting totally free range! No corn pile or feeder at 30 yards, although you may have massive ag fields surrounding your hardwood set up.
Accommodations are super comfortable. You are actually staying in a massive Log cabin that is part of the Cedar Valley Resort in Whalan, Minnesota. I would certainly be remiss if I did not mention that the food is over the top good! Dann goes out of his way to prepare supper meals that are incredible. He also packs a lunch for your all day sit that is a sandwich of turkey or ham that he smokes himself… much better than a standard cold cut sandwich!
Our Alabama group will definitely be back to hunt w Joel, Marty and Lance!

John Edwards

I hunted in Iowa with Joel on a cancellation hunt in 2023. I have done a fair number of guided hunts, and was extremely pleased working with Joel. He is professional, prepared, and a good communicator. Joel had me covered up in deer from day one. I definitely recommend Buffalo County Outfitters to anyone looking for a quality whitetail hunt in the Midwest and I will be keeping in close contact with Joel hoping to fill a coveted spot in one of his camps in Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, or Minnesota in the years to come. Top-notch operation.

Caleb Frostman

I hunted with BCO in Iowa this year (2023) after waiting 6 years to draw a tag.  I told myself I wanted to try a semi guided hunt to see what the experience would be like.  I  was very happy with how Joel ran the operation and how he had the farms layed out.  Stands were in places that you would want to be in and not just were you can see deer moving in the distance.  I have re booked my next hunt in 6 years and am looking for to that hunt already!

Josh Gertken

I hunted n Minnesota Oct 21-25. I have hunted in several different states with various outfitters and I can tell u this was one of the best hunts I have ever been on. It’s one of the most beautiful places I have ever had the opportunity to hunt. The lodging was extremely nice at cedar valley resort. Rooms were big and clean with plenty of room for all your gear. The food was great every night we even had lobster a guy brought one night. Can’t say enough about the guides Lance and Marty who worked hard to strategically place people in the right spots for the right wind directions. Movement was slow due to the unseasonably warm weather but everyone was still seeing deer. I killed a 150” deer on my second morning and had deer all over me. The stands are all really nice ladder stands and they have lots of different sets to be able to move you when needed. I have been following the Buffalo county outfitters page for a few years and was very impressed with the work Joel puts in on his properties. I mean the amount of time he spends in the woods trying to give his clients the best opportunity at a great book is unmatched with anything I had ever saw so I decided to book a hunt with him and I can tell you that the hunt in Minnesota was an amazing experience. I plan on making this a every year trip and im already looking forward to next year!

Chad Fisher

I hunted with BCO at their Iowa locations. Investing in nonresident preference points for years and finally getting a kill tag in your pocket to hunt, BCO insures they are doing everything in their power to make your dream a reality. 150" deer where I hunt at home are one in a lifetime, at BCO in Iowa I saw 2 in back to back hunts, the 2nd one stares back at me in the living room! The hunt from start to finished was organized, stand locations were easy and comfortable. Hunting is hunting and never a guarantee, but our group managed to kill 4 beautiful bucks in 5 days on property we never stepped foot on until that week, so the guides at BCO have it figured out!

Tom Glatz

An outfitter is someone you rely on to put in the work so you can make the most of your time in the woods and Joel and his crew at Buffalo County Outfitters definitely put in the work. Whether it's stand prep on leases in the most beautiful land Buffalo County, Wisconsin has to offer or working with their clients to put together a game plan for the next days hunt, these guys work to tilt the scales in their clients' favor. I've had the privilege of hunting with BCO for the last 4 seasons and each time has resulted in encounters with mature shooter bucks. Add in great camp accommodations, even better camp camaraderie, and you have one of the top hunting experiences in the Midwest. BCO is a rebook for me each fall and I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Steve Glonchak

I've been hunting BCO's Wisconsin property since 2006 and have never been disappointed. Joel takes meticulous care of his properties to ensure that each stand or blind is placed to give you the best opportunity. You can tell that he spends a lot of his time checking cameras, looking at deer signs, and checking the weather, so he can place you in the best spot. Staying at the lodge is like a home away from home. Joel goes out of his way to make you feel comfortable. If you're looking for that whitetail trophy hunt of a lifetime this is the place to go.

KC Pike

Buffalo County Outfitters is the whole package! The second you show up at camp, you will feel Joel's energy and passion for hunting trophy whitetails. He puts countless hours in during the off season to prepare for each years hunt and it shows! Everyday of the hunt can be different, Joel is always gathering information and putting together a game plan daily. He truly is about giving his clients the best experience possible. Even if you don't get a trophy deer you will not leave disappointed. Can't say enough good about my time(s) when hunting with Joel at BCO! Thanks Joel.

Josh Felhofer from Neenah, WI

I archery hunted as a nonresident with BCO in Iowa 2022. Chose BCO after meeting with Joel and watching his efforts via social media. His limited numbers of hunters taken each season and opportunities at mature deer is what drew my attention to his business. The hunt met all expectations and shared trail camera photos kept anticipation high. My guide Kyle was stellar. I enjoyed nightly conversation regarding game plans based on weather and his dedication to success is what set him apart. There was good communication throughout the day on the hunt action. My hunt was successful and I fully intend to return to BCO in the near future. I recently booked a hunt with Joel with his Minnesota operation while I wait to draw another Iowa tag in the future.

Jim Rand

What a hunt! I never was an early season whitetail hunter, but Joel at BCO, sold me with his dedication in his food plots and knowing what animals are in the area. Every day can be different and Joel is dedicated into looking at every option to put you on a trophy deer. The BCO lodge feels like home!!

Jason Luepke

I've bow hunted with Joel for several years in Wisconsin. I always feel that he's putting me and the other hunters in the best stands for getting an opportunity at a great buck. Joel takes great effort in putting in food plots and stand placement. Stands are always safe and easy to find. Extremely easy! The lodge is very comfortable and well stocked with everything you'd need. Dinners are very good with plenty of food.

I also started to gun hunt in Iowa with Joel. This year will be my 3rd time and have always had great hunts. Just like Wisconsin, Joel spends a lot of time and effort putting in food plots and setting up blinds. I've seen shooters both years as well as many up and comers. I've hunted whitetails with quite a few outfitters across several states and can honestly say that Joel does everything possible to get his hunters on great deer. Whether I've harvested a buck or not, I have always come home feeling good about my hunt in both states.

Ed Davis

I've archery hunted with Joel in Wisconsin and Iowa. The knowledge of his properties and the work he puts in, both in and out of the field, have led me to successful harvests and some of the best hunts of my life. Trails are marked, stands are rock solid, lanes are cleared. Joel knows how to get you close, leaving only the shot execution up to the client.

Dominic Evola

I have hunted with Joel & BCO in Wisconsin since 2008. Not only are the amenities, people, guides, bucks, and properties world class, so is Joel! Joel puts his heart and soul into the deer on his properties 24/7/365! He is out there laying his heart and expertise on the line only to be sure he has each hunter in the best position to take the buck of a lifetime! Believe me! I have seen it and he's made it happen for me numerous times! One thing that gets looked over, a lot of times in a hunt of a lifetime, is what happens after you release on the buck of your truthful about your shot placement and remain confident and I assure you that won't find any outfitter that will out work Joel & BCO in recovering your trophy!

So, if you're interested in hunting the buck of a lifetime where the people are just as interested in you fulfilling that dream of tagging a trophy buck, then give Joel@BCO a call! You won't regret it!

Corey Davis from Pine Grove, LA

I have been hunting with Buffalo County Outfitters for over 15 yrs. During this time I have hunted in Wisconsin and Iowa with Joel. Besides the obvious incredible deer photos that are captured on the game cameras each year, the first thing I was taken back by in Buffalo County Wisconsin, was the beauty of the landscape which included agricultural fields with the rolling wooded hills that provided incredible habitat for the deer and basically was just incredible to see. The second thing was a combination of the lodging accommodations and dedicated professionalism of the guides.

There are an array of stand set ups that include elevated stands and blinds as well as ground blinds to accommodate whatever his clients prefer.

I have been fortunate to have hunted and formed friendships with a lot of fellow hunters that I continue to hunt with at BCO each year. I was fortunate enough several years ago to book a hunt with BCO in Iowa after I finally drew a Non-resident archery tag and saw an absolute "Giant"....the first deer I ever saw alive that was at least 200 inches. My friends I met at BCO and I have already booked a 2025 archery Hunt in Iowa with Joel and I can't wait to book a hunt with his newest area in Minnesota and Missouri.

Joel works extremely hard the entire year to ensure that he is providing his clients with the best possible opportunity at a chance to harvest that deer of a lifetime and his guides are there to assist in making everything enjoyable.

Also, You have to stop into Buzz's Bar and Grill in's just part of the BCO experience.

Kirk Cooper

I have hunted with Joel 3 times so far. My first was an archery hunt in Iowa in 2018, second was a shotgun hunt in Iowa in 2020, and the third time was an archery hunt in Missouri in 2022. On my 3 hunts I have harvested 3 deer gross scoring from 145"-187". I have hunted many places in the U.S. and Canada and will tell you that hunting with Joel is the best I've ever had. He is very knowledgeable and will stop at nothing to do his very best to give you an opportunity of harvesting a great deer. The guy never stops. He is constantly checking trail cameras, watching wind directions, planting food plots, and making sure stands are where they need to be. He is the only outfitter I've hunted with that I believe wants you to kill a deer as bad as you the hunter does. I would recommend Joel and BCO to anyone I know looking to go on a trophy whitetail hunt. Thank you Joel for 3 great hunts already and more in the future.

Brian Barkhaus

I hunted with Joel during the first shotgun season in Iowa. You will not find a harder working outfitter than Joel. He literally works 365 days a year improving his properties for trophy Whitetails. Joel truly wants you to shoot the biggest deer of your life and will put in the effort to help you tag a trophy buck. I killed a 164 inch buck during my hunt and our group of three hunters all shot nice bucks. I have hunted with many outfitters over the years and Buffalo County Outfitters checks all the boxes.

Bill Bowers

I have gun hunted with Joel Artis / Buffalo County Outfitters twice now in Zone 5, Iowa. Each hunt was awesome. The first hunt I saw the largest living bucks of my life. One which would have been an easy Boone and Crocket buck, another was darn close! The second hunt I saw multiple shooter bucks, one which easily would have scored in the 150's. I have yet to pull the trigger as I haven't had a clear shot within my effective range. I already have booked with Joel for 2024 and 2026 anticipating drawing Iowa tags again! I come from central New York State and I have been very blessed to hunt whitetail in five states. My hunts with Buffalo County Outfitters have been been some of the best. Each time I saw multiple bucks every day, many that far surpass what I can typically expect to see in my home state. Multiple times when discussing the days hunt with Joel I have told him the bucks I'd seen that day would have made me a rock star back in my home state. Joel's the real deal, he's one of the best outfitters I have had the opportunity to hunt with. Check out his Facebook page, this man is working on his properties almost every day. Joel's total efforts are focused on putting you in the best place for the best opportunity. Each sit is planned around prevailing wind directions, bedding and food sources. If the wind suddenly changes Joel will move you. Other outfitters I've hunted with will assign you a stand for the duration of the hunt, not Joel. I can't wait to go back, this is the best whitetail hunting opportunity I have ever experienced. If you have other questions please ask Joel for my contact information.

Good Hunting~

Bernie K from New York State

Had a tremendous hunt with BCO on their Iowa properties. Myself and hunting partner arrive early on October 31 for our hunt scheduled November 1-6. We checked into Country cabins resort, in Chariton, and got settled in. We called Joel, and let him know we had arrived. He asked if we wanted to start hunting early, to which we of course said 'yes'. We drove ourselves to the farm Joel wanted us to hunt, based on wind and weather conditions. I will say, Joel has completely intimate knowledge about damn near every square yard of his properties, and works tirelessly to make these properties even better. If you follow the BCO page on Facebook, you'll get an idea about the work he puts in, which seems like it is constant.

Joel sent us 'pins' used with the OnX app, that showed us our stand sites, and entrance/exit routes. Everyone planning on hunting with BCO should familiarize themselves with using the OnX app. We made it to the farm, found our stands, and immediately both had a lot of deer activity. After about an hour of sitting, I blind grunted a couple of times. Almost immediately, a really good 4×4 buck came out of the timber, about 100 yards from me, and stared in my direction. He headed directly towards me, through the bean field I was facing. He was a 140-150" class buck, and I was an hour in to the hunt. He milled around about 20 yards in front of me, never offering a great shot angle, to my relief, because I was really on the fence about ending the hunt so soon. He lost interest, and moved off.

The above is just one example of one afternoon, during a great week at BCO. We did have a guide, Chad, who also stayed at Country cabins, and would go over details, with us in the evenings, about the next days hunting plan. This hunt could best be described as 'semi-guided', but that's most whitetail hunting anyway. The weather during our week was perfect. Lows in the high teens with highs in the low/mid 40s.

The properties are amazing. All one has to do is look at them, and you immediately know you are in whitetail deer nirvana.

A typical day went like this: Up and ready to go, lunch packed, head out your stand, get situated, and sit all day. One day I moved at midday, as was the plan for that day. Plan to sit for 10+ hours. There were 4 hunters in camp that week, and we all did all day sits for the most part. The stands were mostly Lone Wolf Alpha's, along with some ladder stands. They were all rock solid, and VERY clearly 'cat-eyed', to find in the dark. In a typical day, I saw between 5-12 bucks, and 20-25 does. I saw several bucks over 140", and had a great encounter with a beautiful 150+" buck, that would have went home with me, had it not been for one branch, that blocked a shot as he worked a scrape, 25 yards from me on the 2nd to last morning. Such is whitetail bowhunting.... I returned to that stand on the last morning.... And after watching several deer in front of me, for approximately half an hour, I caught movement out of the corner of my eye, as a buck (which I thought was the buck from the morning before) skirted around behind me. I only glanced at his rack, as I frantically looked for a shooting window in front of him. I found one, and drilled him perfectly, as he passed through it, about 30 yards away. However, this is also meant to be a cautionary tale. It was not the buck I believed it to be. It was, in fact a 125" up and comer. My excitement got the better of me. Don't let this happen to you! It was completely my fault. Joel was very understanding... But don't do what I did!

Joel puts on a world class whitetail hunt, at a very reasonable price. The habitat/ farms are unbelievable. I am re booked for 2027.... The soonest I could possibly hope to draw that zone in Iowa, as a non resident. Thanks again for a great hunt Joel, see you in '27!

Mike M from ND
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