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What To Expect

With over 5000 sq' of living space, our newsest 3-story lodge was truly designed as a family reunion or group retreat cabin. The Big Timber comes complete with 2 fully furnished kitchens, 6 full baths and spacious great rooms. The main level is fully handi-capped accesible and sleeps up to 40 guests.

Hunts include the harvest of 1 mature whitetail (buck 140" minimum), lodging, deer recovery, field dressing, pre-scouted stand locations with stands, bed & bath linens, transportation to and from stand and meals. (Cold cereal breakfast, sandwich lunch, home style dinner)

If you're fortunate enough to harvest a trophy, you and our guide staff will track, retrieve, field dress, photograph and deliver your animal to a local processor for caping and freezer preparation if you choose. We can also recommend some local taxidermists that do amazing work if you decide to have your trophy mounted locally.

From the moment you arrive, you'll see tremendous effort from myself and my entire staff to make your hunt memorable and successful. Join us this fall and experience a first class operation in the best corner of the country to kill a giant whitetail. We look forward to providing you with an exceptional hunt and hopefully a big smile over that buck that just stepped from the brushy draw and onto your living room wall!!!