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What To Expect

Before your hunt begins, we always kick things off with an informative pre-hunt meeting. This allows my staff and I to set clear expectations and answer all of your questions or concerns about the hunt before you set foot in the woods. We do ask all of our clients not to harvest any 2 year old bucks to ensure our young up-and-comers can mature and reach their full potential.

During your time with us we are very intentional about hunting specific stands under certain circumstances. We select your stand placement each and every day to ensure you are hunting in the most desirable location. Time of year, food sources, weather patterns, wind direction and recent sightings are the major factors we use to make our decision. We'll even provide you with in-depth information (past encounters, deer movement, etc.) about your stand location to ensure you are well prepared when the time comes to harvest that trophy animal.

Prior to leaving the lodge every morning, you will be shown an aerial map of the ground you'll be hunting. Well before sunrise, one of our licensed guides will take you to the property and get you started in the right direction. On your way in, the trail is clearly marked with reflective 3M tape as well as bright orange survey tape for daylight hours. Once on stand, you could encounter anywhere from 6 to 20 deer on a typical day, and it's not uncommon to see as many bucks as does by the end of the hunt.

If you're fortunate enough to harvest a trophy, you and our guide staff will track, retrieve, field dress, photograph and deliver your animal to a local processor for caping and freezer preparation if you choose. We can also recommend local taxidermists that do amazing work if you decide to have your trophy mounted locally.

From the moment you arrive, you'll see tremendous effort from myself and my entire staff to make your hunt memorable and successful. Join us this fall and experience a first-class operation in the best corner of the country to kill a giant whitetail. We look forward to providing you with an exceptional hunt, a five-star lodging atmosphere and hopefully a big smile over that buck that just stepped from the brushy draw and onto your living room wall!